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You love mountain biking and outdoor sports? In Oltrepò Pavese is thought to you. Sunday 18 June 2017 has started officially to the Romagnese Trail Park- bike&walk. Once again the love for the Territory, passion for sport respectful of nature and the desire to offer tourists new opportunities in the High Oltrepo Pavese, have led to find immediate harmony between a efficient public administration  and operators attentive to the needs of enthusiasts and tourists.

The project was born from an idea of Ada Debora Risi and Ivan Elfi with the support of the entire municipal administration, has found in Gianni Maccagni, passionate tour operator and deep knowledge of the territory, Massimiliano Nobile, MTB guide certified Bike Oltrepò, and Federico Bertone, instructor of Trail Running and Nordic walking, the professionalism and the skills that are useful to reach fulfilment. Essential for the success of the project was the active participation of reality's commercial and touristic area,  concretely put into play, demonstrating to believe in the possibility of implementing a significant change for a welcome ever more qualified.

With these premises, Romagnese becomes the first small city of Oltrepo Pavese to be completely "bike & walk friendly", with a official bike park, over 50 km of trail, structured for a hospitality ideal for  the cyclist and trekker, with tourist packages of specially crafted that will use the accommodation availability of hotels, agriturismos and b&b .

How did it go?


I am very happy for the great number of people who wanted to take part in the opening of Romagnese Trail Park! The work done by the Administration of the town of Romagnese, and that is Ada Risi and Ivan Elfi, from the unique and ubiquitous Maccagni Gianni and by the great Frederico Bertone, it has already proved successful. I am happy in the interest toward the project, remember, is only just beginning. I want to thank all those who participated;there is still work to do, but the prospects are excellent!

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