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From the PO River Park up in  Northern Apennines, the Oltrepò is geographically and morphologically very suitable for cycling. The "Four Provinces" have been historically transit area for merchants, armies, pilgrims and travellers;from here passed ancient routes, as the "via Postumia", the "via Francigena" (famous all over the world), the track of Abbots and the most famous Route of Salt, through which transited, toward the Po Valley, the salt coming from Liguria. A rich historical and cultural heritage, especially with the suggestive villages, towers and castles that are the frame of this wonderful land. Traditions and tastes, flavors and rural landscapes represent a tourist destination, that is increasingly popular, and being able to share them through the less frequented paths and in total freedom, is synonymous with well-being. My excursions in Oltrepò are addressed to all those who want to rediscover the values of a land rich in beautiful landscapes and enjoy the food and wine of its typical products.

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How long have I been riding on the bike? I do not remember it anymore! I began as a child with my "Saltafoss" and since then I have not ceased. Travel to discover and share..... I love the emotions that new places and new lands can breathe, and I think that the bicycle is the best means to be able to live fully. I undertook the profession of driving with certification of the National Academy of mountainbikes, because I love my territory, and I believe that is ready to amaze all those who will want to find out. 

We can not describe the passion, you can only live.
(cited by Enzo Ferrari)
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